Every project is unique and timing depends on many factors including: the accessibility of the property, the condition of the land and the complexity of the work. And of course, Mother Nature is always a factor.

Green Valley Landscapes are technical experts will evaluate and measure your space, as well as develop an installation and product plan. They can also provide 3D project renderings to share with you. Professionals will ask that you focus on items including: budget, timing and project vision. Knowing what you want and sticking to it will ensure project success.

No aspect of landscape design, from layout to detail, should be an after-thought. We offer unmatched attention, care, skill, and the experience of 18 years building beautiful gardens throughout Bengaluru and various other areas in Karnataka.

Industrial gardening

Industrial Gardening are the enrich planting of nurseries, yards, grounds, parks, and other arranged green outside spaces. Scene cultivating is utilized to improve nature and to make a characteristic setting for buildings, towns, and cities. It is one of the improving expressions and is united to design, city arranging, and cultivation. Scene engineers start with the common territory and improve, re-create, or change existing landforms.

Green valley Scenes is another age contracting firm work in provides altered worth-added scene answers for a wide range of Enterprises like enormous business spaces, retail, workplaces, Clinics, Private apartments, educational institutions, and others. We word hand to fabricate long-term connections dependent on trust and integrity. We consistently attempt to assist our customers with getting the most ideal worth inside their budgets, particularly on these challenging monetary occasions.


Innovative and Custom design

Our services come with innovative and customized designs to provide absolute satisfaction to our clients. We aim to create unique landscape designs as per our client's requirements and lifestyles.

Hardscape and Softscape

hardscape and softscape are the two main elements that make the landscape design more lively spaces, we never compromise with the quality of the hardscape materials such as pavers, rocks, concrete, etc and softscape materials such as grasses, shrubs, trees, etc.



Landscape maintenance is important for blooming plants and trees. we take care of landscape plants and trees by following some methods like mowing, lawn dressing, spring cleanup, pest control and more.

We give our customers uniquely customized upkeep administrations dependent on their property needs. Each customer's property is unique and thus requires explicit consideration. Our support administrations are performed by a completely prepared staff of experts who are resolved to serve you with the most elevated level of value.

Keeping a nursery clean can be an enormous undertaking in itself. Appropriate upkeep of the nursery just amounts to the test. To get you far from these concerns, we at Green Valley Landscape have concocted the best administrations for you to look over. Our group assumes the liability to keep up and deal with your nursery, to it to keep taking a gander at its best and to give stylish delight. Our water system upkeep administration guarantees its appropriate working as without water plants may begin to shrivel in an issue of not many days. Our specialists keep an eye on your nursery to animate the development and advancement of the plants.

Irrigation and Lawn

The lawn Aeration process helps to reach oxygen, water and important nutrients to the roots of the grass and we irrigate with the latest technique in which water is provided through emitters as droplets to the soil surface.

We follow some basic methods like spraying pest control on trees and shrubs, cut in the right season which helps to control many insects and diseases.

Trimming and Pruning

We remove the lower branches of young trees and prune the dead or infected branches for safety purposes, we trim and shape the overgrown plants.

Vertical planting is the unique way to decorate the limited space, we transform the space into creatively stimulating with unique structures on freestanding and natural tapestry attached to a wall.

We provide blueprints and shop drawings specific to your green wall design project. Inside arranging, indoor plant, office plant or green divider needs are, our accomplished and profoundly prepared green divider planners will have an answer for your business. On the off chance that you are keen on our green divider configuration benefits, our specialists will work with you to create the correct plan. We can utilize numerous assortments and shades of plants to make explicit plans.

Tree Transplantation

We are expertise in tree transplantation, we have transplanted more than hundreds of trees all around Karnataka, this tree transplantation process involves multiple steps like soil dug up to the roots and more.

Select a well-drained site with proper amounts of sunlight before transplanting or planting shrubs and trees. Dig a hole 3 times wider than the root ball or container - the hole should be no deeper than the depth of soil in the container.

Carefully set the root ball into the hole and backfill with the original soil. Water recently planted shrubs or trees more than usual ­, especially during the primary critical weeks. Keep an eye on your relocated tree or shrub, making sure it receives plenty of moisture. Plan on long, deep watering sessions during fall and early winter.